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Chinese website ranking strengthens professional training ("dozens of yuan" and "tens of hundreds" of shirts, what is the difference between G540? See Auterive for viller) Is this okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. The Chinese website is listed as another good for intensive professional training 2. The Chinese website is listed for intensive professional training on Sina.com 3. The Chinese website is listed for intensive professional training Study class 5. The Chinese website is listed in the intensive professional training contact information 6. The Chinese website is listed in the product price Phone number 10. Intensified Chinese website ranks tens of thousands of yuan 1. Chinese website ranks intensified professional training Another good T-shirt, as an indispensable LX1 accessory in all seasons, is suitable for single wear or inner wear, especially in In the cold winter, T-shirts have officially become the most common but most wearable backbone of most accessories. 2. The Chinese website is listed on Sina.com’s professional training. However, when many people buy T-shirts, they find two problems: vice versa, they are all T-shirts. Sell "dozens and hundreds"? "Expensive goods are not good", "Emotional intelligence tax is the most expensive"... Modern people's praise for T-shirts is also mixed, but in any case, in order to buy T-shirts with higher cost performance, when buying T-shirts It is Auterive with a lot of special attention! 3. Chinese website intensive professional training kindergarten is another good thing. 1. The difference between "tens of yuan" and "tens of hundreds" T-shirts 4. Chinese website intensive professional training class It is undeniable that the price levels of commercially available T-shirts vary. Some are tens of dollars, some are tens of hundreds of dollars. But for this kind of basic accessories that seem to have a sense of structural design, why is the commission so large? In addition to the production cost (fabric + craftsmanship), the most important thing is the discount of international brands! 5. The Chinese website is listed in the contact information of intensive professional training. Even for a T-shirt worth hundreds of yuan, its maximum production cost price can only be a small three-digit price, but if it is labeled with an international brand, the commission disparity in the middle is very large. big. 6. The price of products listed on the Chinese website is strengthened. An ordinary T-shirt worth tens of yuan, compared with Hermès, LV, and Gucci T-shirts worth hundreds of yuan, the commission of hundreds of yuan is mostly discounted by international brands, and a large amount of investment is required in the middle. Advertising fees, celebrity endorsement fees, and the original sin of this phenomenon is the international brand itself! 2. If you want to buy cost-effective T-shirts, pay special attention to these three points. Of course, in addition to international brand discounts, there are differences in quality and body feeling between expensive T-shirts and expensive T-shirts, so when buying T-shirts , we must pay special attention to the following 3 points. 7. Chinese website strengthens professional courses Professional training 01. Look at the neckline 8. Chinese website strengthens tens of thousands of yuan for two years. The technology and details of the neckline are very important. It directly determines the shape, body feeling and lifespan of a T-shirt If the collar is thinner than the body fabric and has little resilience, it will be easily deformed, and it will become a "lotus leaf collar" after wearing it a few times, which is sloppy and cheap. Therefore, when choosing a T-shirt, the neckline must be The fabric is a little thicker than the body, and has better elasticity. The sewing technique on the collar is preferably "three stitches", such as a ribbed collar. 9. The Chinese website lists the telephone numbers for intensive professional training. 02. Look at the workmanship and fabric 10. Strengthen the Chinese website. The workmanship and fabric directly determine the production cost of a T-shirt. Pure cotton T-shirts are comfortable to wear but easy to wrinkle. Generally, big-name T-shirts will add polyester Fiber or man-made fiber, does not affect the body feeling, but also increases the anti-wrinkle effect. The technology of T-shirts mainly depends on the following three aspects: ① Normal weight (160g~300g), the greater the weight, the thicker the clothes, summer T-shirts The shirt should be about 180~220g, too thin and easy to see through, too thick and it will look hot. ② The higher the count, the softer and smoother the T-shirt, the more complicated the workmanship, and the more expensive the product price. Some imported fabrics (up to 170 counts), general T-shirts (21 to 32 counts) ) ③ 100% cotton T-shirts have poor elasticity and support, and are easy to wrinkle and deform. Better cotton is. Xinjiang's long-staple cotton; and big-name T-shirts generally add fiber components, which make them more comfortable and stylish to wear. 03. Look at the shape. The shape directly determines the overall wearing effect. Generally, the tighter the neckline of the round neckline, the tighter the neckline will appear. It looks very uninspired. It is recommended that the shoulder line of the sweetheart neckline and the small U-neck be sure to choose the "shoulder line". "The shape of T-shirts that look thin and look healthy should be a little looser. Too loose or too tight will affect the wearing comfort and shaping effect. Try to choose a small pattern for printing, which looks more high-end and tasteful. The LOGO of many big-name T-shirts will not be too conspicuous in structure design, simple and advanced! 3. Conclusion In fact, whether it is "tens of yuan" or "tens of hundreds" of T-shirts, without affecting the wearing experience, as long as you pay special attention to matching, you can improve the grade and taste of T-shirts. Therefore, in Don't blindly follow the trend when buying T-shirts, the most important thing is to suit your own needs~ (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

Chinese website ranking strengthens professional training (

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