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Heer Basra is a tourist attraction here (what kind of tourist attraction is "Heer Basra", what kind of development history idioms and recommended travel guides are there?) Is this all right? ,

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Heer Basra is a wind tourist area in Basra Village, Xiadu Town, Heer County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is dominated by the natural scenery of the valley and the Tibetan customs. It is considered to be James Madeleine's novel " The Xiadu depicted in "Lost Horizon" (another term is Xiadu in Sichuan) also has many people from the movie ". Passing by from your whole world" began to understand this place. The most beautiful scenery in the Basra wind tourist area is Kunlun Mountain and Haizi. There are two mountains here: Xiannairi (6032 meters), Yangmaiyong (5958 meters), Ribu Temple Tashi (5958 meters), collectively referred to as "Nianqing Dorji Risong Zhaxi", which means: the holy land under the two Dharma protectors with dry snow all the year round. When the weather is good, the two Kunlun Mountains can be seen. If it rains or the clouds are shrouded in fog, you can also see the grass slopes of Zhuolin Temple Sangrur, the Holy Mountain Juice Sea and the Gem Sea. There are several urban transportation methods that can reach Heer Basrafeng Tourist area: self-driving tour (chartered car), bus, plane If you have not been to the valley before, Zhu Lilun recommends two urban transportation methods, because the average altitude of Daoya Airport is 4411 meters, which is the highest average altitude civil airport in the world. Take the plane directly It is easy to have a high reaction in rushing. Self-driving tour or bus can give priority to rushing to the Heer Basra tourist area from the direction of Chengdu or Xiadu of Sichuan The two routes in the interior have completed the mission, and I saw two mountains, three lakes, two grass slopes and an ancient temple. Self-driving tours are not allowed in the tourist area, and you need to take the inner Pooh County. Tickets: 150 Pooh County: 120 Suggested route in the tourist area: day1 short-term market: the gate of the tourist area—Basla Village—Chonggu Grass Slope—Chonggu Temple—Gem Sea—Xiannairi—Basla Village The six-day itinerary is relatively easy. In the morning, take the Vinny County from the gate of the tourist area to Basra Village, handle board and lodging, and after breakfast, depart from Basra Village and take the Vinny County to Chonggu Temple. After visiting the Chonggu Temple and the Chonggu Grass Slope, go up the Tianchi Lake to the Gemstone Sea. You can get close to the lake. If the weather is good, you can take pictures of the reflection at the foot of Xiannairi Mountain and at noon. Xiannairi means Guanyin Bodhisattva. At the foot of the nearest mountain at the entrance, you can see from the Chonggu Temple that you can take the photo and return to Basra Village on the same road at noon. If there is a valley reaction, then do not give priority to boarding and lodging in Basra Village in the tourist area. The average altitude of Basra Village is 3740 meters. Can live in Xiadu Town (closer to the tourist area), or Heer County (far from the tourist area, 80 kilometers away, 1.5 and a half hours by car, and enter the tourist area the next day, otherwise it is not recommended) day2 long line: Basra Village— Chonggu Temple - Zhuolin Temple Sangrur - Juice Sea - Colorful Sea -. Yangmaiyong—Ribu Temple Tashi—back to the gate of the tourist area. If you want to snatch two holy mountains, it will be very, very hard. Six days in the morning, start from Basra Village and take Wini County to Chonggu Temple. Here is the priority. Walk or motorcycle (80 minutes, 20 minutes) to Zhuolin Temple Sangrur. If you are not a good mountaineering expert, it is recommended to take a motorcycle, otherwise you will meet the S500L on the road to the Juice Sea... I naively thought that I I was able to climb the mountain all the way, but I ended up taking a motorcycle to and fro... Of course, mountaineering is also possible. Mutianchi is 7 kilometers away, and it may take two to three and a half hours to walk... Zhuolin Temple Sangrur is an alpine grass slope, which is wider than Chonggu grass slope. In summer, the rapeseed slope on the grass slope is very suitable for taking pictures. From Zhuolin Temple Sangrur You can start mountaineering when you set off. It is 3.5 kilometers one way to the Juice Sea. I walked for about 6 and a half hours. I will encounter mountain roads along the road and have to ride a bicycle on the asphalt road. It is recommended to bring your own breakfast on the road. solve. What should I do if I want to get down already? Can ride a horse... It is said that it has risen from 10 yuan to 500 yuan now. Juice Sea is small but the color is very clear. Behind the colorful sea of Kunlun Mountains is Xian Nairi who went to the short-term market, and on the other side you can see Yang Maiyong and Ribu Temple Tashi. Go back to Sangrur of Zhuolin Temple by the same road, walk or motorcycle to Chonggu Temple, then transfer to Wini County to the gate of the tourist area. If you still have time, you can live in Heer County for six days, stroll around the grasslands, soak in hot springs, or go to the horse farm to ride a horse or something, and take a rest. Come to some scumbag pictures taken with the mobile phone before, cover your face

Heer Basra is a tourist attraction here (what kind of tourist attraction is

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