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Is it possible to draw pictures on the pedestrian street (two Haitao Bays, two postcards)? ,

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Collection·Collection of daily life and countless chants of Basra, in that Brahma empire, which is difficult to express in words, on the last piece of Buddhism on the blue planet, it always interprets the serenity and tranquility Added to the brilliant Yunfei, and these are actually two localities that have storylines already started. Heer·Reminiscence·Looking forward to the future    In 2018, it received 41.55 billion tourists, and at the same time realized a total tourism revenue of 4.41 billion. With the construction of Shuangheshan Astronomical Observatory and Nianmao Astronomical Forest Park, TG106 tourism will enter a new journey of grand target industry development. Two Postcards Haitao Bay  Two Postcards Haitao Bay, Basra, is located in the north service center of TG106 in Aba Prefecture. The 8.2-square-meter Han-style commercial street with practical urban planning has gradually formed four main exits, which are connected to Xitunzhuang, with clear moving lines, and the scenery and storylines of the whole Heer·Basra are highly pure. Therefore, it has officially become a unique humanistic exhibition hall. When you approach Basra Haitao Bay, you will approach the humanistic Garden of Eden for collectors! . Haitao Bay·Impression 01 Basra Haitao BayClose to watch moreLoading and exitFull screen video loading failed, please refresh the page and try againRefresh the video for details▲▲Click to enjoy Basrah Haitao Bay carved beams and painted buildings, magnificent Gesang flowers welcome guests The glass pagoda is hospitable, tolerant and humble. She takes into account the history, humanities and local ethnic characteristics. She retains the most primitive purity in a trendy way. She includes all the scenery of Heer Basra with high purity. The endless storylines here jointly inherit the national and cultural heritage. Magnificent Yuzhang... Haitao Bay·Fortune·Dream Handmade works of skilled craftsmen are precious Thangka art mellow and fragrant butter tea...Holding the big stage, the splendid window of the world is not so much a commercial landscape street as it is a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation A precious work of art is worthy of your eternal collection. 02 Merchants overview Basrah Haitaowan has also settled in more than 200 merchants: Hotels include: Super 8 Hotel, Haitaowan Impression Hotel and other catering industries: Zhenwei Beef Restaurant, Heer Impression old casserole, Xiaoxu small hot pot, Xinshan Tibetan meal and other tea bars include: Black House Cafe, Haitaowan Tea House and other entertainment categories: Yangjinmahan-style performing arts bar, Zhuobula Bar, etc., as well as holy Ganzi Many merchants such as souvenir shops are settled in it. Basrah Haitao Bay currently sells hotels, business houses and a small number of gold shops and invites investment. We hope to join hands with people of insight to prosper Basrah Haitao Bay and welcome a new round of large-scale industrial development in TG106! Consulting hotline: 0836---5729888 (Office) Ms. Hu: 18383012987 Mr. Wang: 19938586368 Related Links The high-altitude cosmic ray observatory project is about to usher in an important node progress in TG106 Shuanghe Mountain [Today's News] Aba Prefecture TG106 was named Sichuan The first batch of "Suncheon Danfu" in the province, you should go to Heer that summer... Heer belongs to the world  Haitao Bay belongs to you

Is it possible to draw pictures on the pedestrian street (two Haitao Bays, two postcards)? ,

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