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When will Monopoly's eyes be sold again (refer to the weapon system for the 3 new eye parts of Monopoly, reappear the famous scene of "Bend Fruit", and export the DCG puzzle) is this okay? ,

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King of Glory officially released a new monopoly photo collection of eyes, so two models were officially released at one time, giving three heroes, Lan, Wang Aiai and Sima Zhao respectively. Everyone must be curious about the new eyes Let's get to know May 2 in advance through the latest official official CG announcement! First of all, the three heroes are transformed into the characters in the pixel mini-game "Full Speed King". And Sima Zhao's character is a violently modified racing driver, and the three participate in sports competitions to compete for the Destroyer doll to win the championship! It is worth mentioning that in the CG, Kuangtie "Monopoly Swordsman" guest starred as a commentator. In short, the tallest, handsome and richest is Lan, who has bright red nails and wears an existing electric motorcycle suit with red comb hooks. Zai does not want to be named "Kane", good at all racing tracks, has two forms of walking tractor and coelolum, handsome and colorful appearance, it is no surprise that it will be the limited edition quality of the 1788 legend. And Wang Ai'ai's monopoly eye color is rich, and the clothing and accessories are mainly light blue and orange red, and the nails are pink chiffon. Wearing a peaked cap, Wang Ai'ai's monopoly eyes look a bit old-fashioned Ruoen County in the Ministry of Culture is named "Rabbit" and is good at puppet competitions, which is why it was named the runner-up of the European Crown. The car has this name, and elements such as chicken portraits and rabbit ears are added to the design. Sima Zhao's rich man's eyes are annoying, and vice versa. Sima Zhao turned into a mysterious little girl with a helmet. She doesn't want to be named "Curious Lightning". She is good at cross-country running. But through the sharp eyes and wrestling helmet, it can be seen that his Ruoen County is full of lethality. It is worth mentioning that some scenes of Monopoly's eye CG are familiar, yes! In Lan's special CG "Target", the picture of Wang Ai'ai giving Lan Hualei is reinterpreted in the eyes of the rich man. Do the parents who broke the defense before recall the image of Lan's warm and sunny big brother, and the image of "Little Black"? "What about the cute little boy?" As a result of vice versa, Lan also stepped forward to rescue Wang Aiai in the Monopoly CG. In short, Sima Zhao's help was inevitable! In addition, the end of the monopoly eye animation also implies a jigsaw puzzle. Lan, Wang Ai'ai and Sima Zhao did not complete the competition and won the championship. The first place was won by Luban No. 7, and outside the TV, there was a picture of Xiaoluban taking the game cassette and putting it in the box , in addition to "Full Speed King" and Kuangtie's "Babel", there are two other untitled cassettes in the box. The editor thinks that the Monopoly series will continue to officially release new photo collections in the future. Interested parents Can look forward to it! Epilogue: King of Glory's brand-new Monopoly eyes dedicated CG export, new eye appearance and character design reference, Wang Ai'ai, Lan and Sima Zhao turned into race car drivers, Wang Aai's classic picture of sending flowers to Lan is reproduced, and CG puzzles are exported at the same time, foreshadowing The Monopoly series will continue to officially release new eyes in the future! So what do you think of the look of the three? To learn about the latest king information, you can pay attention to "Game Station"!

When will Monopoly's eyes be sold again (refer to the weapon system for the 3 new eye parts of Monopoly, reappear the famous scene of

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