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Ant Xiaoer App official website (multi-network platforms to deliver the Gospel - Ant Xiaoer supports 60+ self-media network platforms to deliver from the national goddess, to CCTV's "Charming Makeup", 50-year-old Liu Yan, and now her house has collapsed?) One article to see clearly ,

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Author: The cat demon trained in the Dizang Temple With the development of the Internet, perhaps everyone is from the news media, especially the rise of short audio network platforms, which makes the entry threshold of the self-news media appear Gradually increasing, but for professional KOLs, since there are still a lot of news media network platforms, account management is recommended. A few days ago, under the recommendation of my parents, I experienced this application software. that is. Betang Yixiaoer, I am still wondering, after all, there are many account management applications, and Antxiaoer may not be very good, but after I really experienced it, I realized that I was wrong, it actually fully supports 500+ networks Platform account management work, 60+ self-news media network platforms, the most important thing is that it can deliver the application software of the Debowasan County network platform in a short period of time, and at the same time, it can conveniently and quickly extract images, check statistical data and interact, It is this very new self-news Ciers. Ant Xiaoer fully supports the management of 500+ network platform accounts such as blogs, chan, and headlines. It is very convenient and quick to use. Users only need to add relevant accounts in the application software, and then they can directly launch the official release in the application software , interaction and other operations can greatly reduce work management efficiency, enabling self-media experts to manage work and maintain multiple network platform accounts more freely. Ant Xiaoer fully supports the official release of 60+ self-news media network platforms, such as Netease blog, Tencent, chan, etc. Users only need to write the official release text in the application software, and then choose the network platform that needs to be officially released, and then they can realize full-screen delivery as they like. This greatly facilitates users, saves the days of official release, and improves management efficiency. It fully supports the import of URL mirroring and word article and text importing functions. When users input the mirror image in the application software, Ant Xiaoer will automatically detect the mirror image, which is convenient and quick for users to start text delivery. And it fully supports full-screen retrieval of text mirroring, which is convenient for users to collect text delivery and collection. Users can also check the account's exposure, conversion rate, revenue and other statistical data on different network platforms at any time, so as to adjust the network marketing strategy and optimize the promotion effect. For some project team users, Ant Xiaoer also fully supports joining project team members. The professional version can only add 5 accounts. For producers with many network platforms, these 5 network platforms are very limited. It is possible to buy VIP upgrades for multi-platform delivery. For most individual users, if you buy the professional version xml, the project team can give priority to the project team version. In general, Ant Xiaoer is a very novel self-news media expert tool, which has multiple functions such as account management, official release, statistical data mining and interaction, and is very suitable for text delivery, account management, etc. It increases the number of days and effort spent on self-news media operations, and improves the parallel management efficiency of texts on the entire network platform. For you news media teachers, Ant Xiaoer solves almost all problems that are not inferior to the sacrifice of creative effort in the daily operation process. For urgent work such as delivery, statistics, and statistical data collation, it is worth a try if there is an error. To read more exciting texts on service application software, you can go to What is worth buying?

Ant Xiaoer App official website (multi-network platforms to deliver the Gospel - Ant Xiaoer supports 60+ self-media network platforms to deliver from the national goddess, to CCTV's

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