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Netease promotion account (8 immortal application software that must be installed on a new laptop, two are more satisfactory than two) Is this all right? ,

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product catalog: 1. What is the Netease promotion app called 2. What is Netease promotion for 3. Netease promotion app 4. How effective is Netease promotion 5. Netease promotion handout 6. What is Netease promotion organization Work 7. Netease search promotion network platform is good 8. Is Netease promotion effective 9. Netease promotion login exit 10. Netease promotion application 1. What is the name of Netease promotion application Recommended by application software (No. 38): Many people After buying a new laptop, I didn’t know what kind of application software to install. At that time, I recommended the 8 fairy application software that must be installed on a new laptop, two of which are more satisfactory than the other. 2. What is NetEase promoting? 01&Wallhaven These are two palette application software. Manually parallelize the palettes in WallHaven. The palette reading speed is slow, and you can select the resolution and view it by attention. You can directly Browse the palette to choose from nearby areas, or directly click the switch button, and it will be manually added to the palette for you. When the time comes, I will change the palette for you, and they don't have to change it by themselves, which is very convenient and quick. 4. Is the function promoted by Netease good? It supports custom creation of different areas, and classifies all desktop programs. Each area of it is like two boxes, and each box can also create a name label. 5. Netease promotion handouts will be sorted manually every time you turn on your laptop, making your desktop tidy and clean. After double-clicking a blank space on the desktop, all files on the desktop will be hidden manually, and double-clicking will redisplay them again. 6. What is Netease Promotion? Organization Work 03&Anytxt These are two free and powerful search tools for nearby files. The corresponding files can be quickly searched. The supported files are: txt, Java, html, Word, Excel, PPT, e-book and other formats. 7. Is the Netease search and promotion network platform good? If you don’t remember the name of some files, you can directly enter the keywords in the document content. 8. Is Netease promotion effective? 04 & The function of this screenshot application software is very powerful. It can accurately locate and identify all the edges of the interface. It does not require manual frame selection or post-adjustment, which is very convenient and fast. 9. NetEase promotes the login and exit application software to provide a rich screenshot annotation function, which supports text, shape, mosaic and other functions, and can manually detect the icons and text in the screenshot to achieve accurate annotation. 10. Netease promotes the application. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the sticker function, it can paste the screenshot content on the top of the desktop for easy reference, so that we do not need to switch windows repeatedly when organizing work. 05& Quick Audio Converter Usually we browse good audio and find that the format is not compatible and cannot be played. This application software is powerful. It supports mutual conversion between multiple audio formats, and all kinds of common audio files can be converted. compatible. It can also realize the magical operation of converting video to audio and audio to text. You can extract the background music of the video, and even remove the pure line voice of the accompaniment. You can also convert the recording of meetings and online classes into a text version, which is very convenient and fast. If the audio needs post-processing, we can also edit, merge, change speed, noise reduction and other processing on the audio, which can be done easily! 06&Motrix These are two free and open source magnetic browsing tools. The page is very refreshing and clean. It supports cross-network platform browsing and can be used to browse files, links and other content in batches. It supports free browsing of HTTP, FTP, BT seeds, and various network disk content, supports batch browsing, adds unlimited speed, can complete browsing tasks in almost seconds, and can browse up to 10 tasks at the same time. The browsing method is super simple, copy the browsing address and paste the link, click submit and wait for browsing, and the browsed content will be directly saved on the page. 07&Bandizip These are two powerful file decompression tools, which can quickly decompress and compress files, including more than 30 file formats such as RAR, ISO, 7Z, and ZIP. The files decompressed with it also support online preview and editing. When we decompress the file, if the file is damaged, it will also manually repair the damaged compressed package and restore the picture to the highest definition. 08 & iQIYI universal broadcast This is two very powerful adjacent area players, which support the viewing of various files such as pictures, videos, audios, etc., and are compatible with many different file formats, including iQIYI's exclusive qsv format video. The application software also has functions such as sound enhancement, image quality increase, double-speed playback, seamless continuous broadcast, continuous screenshots, etc., and supports logging in to the network disk to play online videos, which is very powerful! It can also view various types of pictures such as PNG, GIF, HEIC, RAW, etc., especially when viewing dynamic images, it can be viewed frame by frame, and the picture of each frame can be saved at any time. The most beautiful tail: The above is the content I shared at that time. If we find it useful, remember to like and tell me, and I will continue to share more high-quality content. The 8 immortal application software that must be installed in a new laptop, two are more satisfying than the other, I really love it.

Netease promotion account (8 immortal application software that must be installed on a new laptop, two are more satisfactory than two) Is this all right? ,

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