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Is it the dry season at the end of June in Heer Basra (is Heer Basra beautiful in spring, a large subset of scenic spots all over the world!) Is this okay? ,

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"There is a place called Heer, I want to go with the person I love the most" In the movie "Passing Through Your World", Fan Bingbing said this sentence on the radio, which is deeply buried in many people's hearts. Planted the seed of ear-to-ear with the one I love, and saw the scene of Li Qi proposing to Lychee in the desert in the film, the love between the two merged with the pure scene. Known as "the last piece of Buddhism and Taoism on the blue planet", it brings together all the scenery you can't imagine: deserts, lakes, forests, Kunlun Mountains, glaciers. In the quiet mountains, under the holy Kunlun Mountains, waiting for you in the most beautiful time, from Dorje, Batang, Xikang to Heer, except for a few places that are not asphalt, the rest of the journey is all asphalt, and ordinary family cars can pass . It is about 110 kilometers from Heer to Basra, and it can be directly connected to the entrance of Basra Scenic Area. The road surface is flat, and it only takes 2-3 and a half hours to drive on the expressway However, there are not so many flights in many places, and they are not frequent. If you plan to travel by helicopter, you need to book tickets about half a month in advance, and you need to prevent high reactions in advance. Two self-driving tour plan 1: Guiyang Xinnanmen Tourist People's Transport Service Center has two direct trips to He'er every day, starting at 10:00 in the morning, and the fare is 233 yuan per person for the return journey of 800 kilometers. It usually takes 2 days to arrive Tickets in peak season are relatively tight, and you need to buy tickets in advance for 3 to 6 people. It is recommended to travel by car and travel along the road. Plan 2: Arrive in Xichang in 7 and a half hours on the first day, and take care of your own board and lodging; arrive in Heer County in 9 and a half hours on the second day; from Heer County To go to Xiadu Town (Riwa Township), you need to drive by yourself. The journey takes 1.5 and a half hours, and the round-trip fare is 400-700 yuan per car. Disadvantage: You can’t park at any time along the road for sightseeing. It’s very undemocratic and free. Self-driving/self-driving self-driving tour recommended route: Guiyang-Xichang-Xing’an County-Xichang-Jiangre Township-T4501G50SX-Batang-Xikang-Heer-Basla Scenery Guiyang-Xichang-Xing'an County, uninterrupted for about 780 kilometers: Chengya, Yakang Expressway from Xichang to Xing'an County, uninterrupted expressway. Xichang-Jiangre Township-T4501G50SX-Batang: G318 Expressway with uninterrupted lime + soil pavement, good terrain Xikang-Heer-Basla Scenic Area: S217 Liya Expressway, the subgrade should be routed towards steep slopes and sharp bends , there are several viewing places around, if visitors need to park and go, they must indicate the stop and go line 2 Guiyang-Neijiang-Huaigui-Huayang-Balang Mountain-Feiran (Tangjiahe)-Xiaofang-Duoji-Bamei-Tagong -T4501G50SX-Batang-Xikang-Heer-Basra Scenic Area, with an uninterrupted length of about 900 kilometers. Guiyang-Neijiang-Huaigui: Chengguan, Duwen uninterrupted expressway Huayang-Balangshan-Feiran (Tangjiahe)-Xiaofang-Duoji-Bamei-Tagong-T4501G50SX: Yingwo Road, Balangshan Tunnel The whole line has been completed and opened to traffic. The terrain is good. The section from Xiaofang to Bamei has many curves. Xikang-Heer-Basla Scenic Area: The subgrade of S217 Liya Expressway is heading towards steep slopes and sharp bends. There are several viewing spots around. There are various destinations and various forms of tours. Recently, there has been a semi-democratic form of free travel in Heer, also known as "lazy people playing Heer"! . The form of semi-democratic free travel includes transportation to and from the city and hotel board and lodging. During the entire return journey, most of them are democratic and free activities, but each classic tourist attraction arrives in a single compartment, so the price of the package is cost-effective, and you don’t have to worry too much about the journey Recommended routes for arranging tours in the Basra Scenic Area: There are many tourist attractions in the Heer Basra Scenic Area, so how do you get around between tourist attractions and how can you avoid wasting time on the road? . Scenic Area Tourist Service Center - Zhaguanbeng District Tourist Service Center and Station are located in Xiadu Town. After buying the ticket, take the scenic spot’s Weini County to Zhaguanbeng in Basla Village. It is about 34 kilometers away from the Panshan Expressway. It is recommended to sit on the left side of Weini County after driving for 1.5 hours, which is more convenient to enjoy the scenery along the way Zhaguanbeng - Chonggu Temple Service Service Center Scenic Area Weini County Expressway is the terminal when driving to Zhaguanbeng. After getting off the bus, don’t get too excited, because this is a plateau with an altitude of 4,000 meters. From here, you have to walk to the service center of Chonggu Temple, and you have to climb a slope. Remember not to worry about climbing the slope, because you can’t climb it anymore Just stop and have a rest, don't hold on for about 20 minutes and you can reach the Chonggu Meadow. When the weather is good, you can watch the Sunshine Golden Mountain of Shanuoduoji in Chonggu Caoba. Chonggu Temple-Luorong Niuchang has a total distance of 7 kilometers. You can take the battery car to take the dirt road in Weini County, or you can walk on the wooden plank road. You can take the battery car from Chonggu Temple-Luorong Niuchang along the river. The round trip is about 80 yuan/person , It can be reached in 20 minutes, which can save a lot of time and energy, and you can hike to the Milk Sea and Five Color Sea by yourself. If you don’t take a battery car, you can walk to the Luorong Cattle Farm along the special wooden plank road. The 7-kilometer journey takes about 1.5-3 and a half hours. You can save a lot of travel time by choosing the battery. The sea is about 7 kilometers from the cattle farm to the milk sea. The terrain is as follows: the first 1/6 of the journey is a flat road along the river upstream along the edge of the cattle farm. There are many grasses, which are soft and comfortable to walk on. ;The middle 2/3 of the journey is uphill, and there is a section that has to be climbed by yourself. It is very steep and requires wading, but the scenery along the road is very good; the last 1/6 is a flat road, and you will slowly reach the Milky Sea. . This section of the road can be walked on foot, or you can take the horses of the caravan on foot. I suggest that you take the battery car from Chonggu Temple-Luorong Niuchang, otherwise please consider your physical strength. Fang oh, there are signs from the milk sea to indicate the way to the five-color sea, and it will be a short walk. Wusehai-Chonggu Temple Return to Luorong Niuchang from Wushihaiyuan Road. It takes 1.5 and a half hours to walk down the mountain. From Luorong Niuchang to Chonggu Temple, you can choose to take a battery car for 20 minutes to return or walk 2.5 hours down the mountain to Chonggu Temple. The ancient temple-Pearl Sea is completely uphill for about 1.5 hours to reach the Pearl Sea. After visiting the Pearl Sea, return to the Chonggu Temple and still have time to go to the Luorong Cattle Farm. You can choose to take the Weini County or walk to the Luorong Cattle Farm. Then return. Or go to Luorong Cattle Farm first, and then return to Chonggu Temple to Pearl Sea. The time spent in the two forms is about the same. At 6:30 p.m., end the day's tour of the Basra Wind Scenic Area, return to He'er County, and stay overnight in He'er County before departure. You can take them with you at will! . ID cards, sunglasses, sunscreen, travel water bottles, canned oxygen, medicines (bring some medicines to prevent diarrhea and heatstroke prevention), portable oxygen cylinders to prevent high reactions before departure! Sleep and rest adequately before entering Tibet. Drink Rhodiola raw materials soaked in water 10 days before the trip. The plateau is high in altitude and the sun is strong. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large. You need to prepare long-sleeved and warm clothes, and bring some chocolate and beef jerky to replenish your energy in time. . Things to watch out for in Tibet! Drinking butter tea, dairy products, Rhodiola and other beverages in moderation can help you adapt to the plateau climate. When you first enter the plateau, rest more, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, no smoking and alcohol, no running and strenuous exercise, and diet. In order not to increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, Tibetan areas are special areas. Please live in harmony and respect the culture and beliefs of ethnic minority areas. For more related content, please pay attention to the official account: Ferry Island Airlines. Island ferry, scenic navigation, you and I see the world together. Note: Some of the content and pictures of the above articles come from the Internet. If you inadvertently infringe your rights, please inform us in time, and we will deal with it as soon as possible! Thanks!

Is it the dry season at the end of June in Heer Basra (is Heer Basra beautiful in spring, a large subset of scenic spots all over the world!) Is this okay? ,

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