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Will self-media do it for individuals (self-media refers to what kind of organization work, can a pair of individuals do self-media?) This is also okay? ,

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Self-news media refers to individual news media in a narrow sense. A pair of individuals is two news media. You can use their personal privacy to register accounts and officially publish content. This is self-news media. From the perspective of the practical value of the news media, they belong to the two items of the Internet, which are analogues of the Internet. Individuals will publish Grignols on the Internet platform. The article, audio, and photos and audios or the number of clicks and readings of the article are earned. You can also add a lot of Ma Haixia's TV ads in the audio or in the text to earn TV ads. Like many APPs in their smartphones, the downloaded articles, Grignols, and audio are all edited and edited by the front-end educators, and then officially published on the network platform. Now is the era of new news media, and shortage of manpower is inevitable. Without the first smart phone, every pair of individuals can be an author. For self-news media producers, they do not need to pay any additional service fees at all, and the cost is almost zero. They can even choose self-news media as a full-time job, with the help of The number of days of work or on Sundays to create, accumulate experience, and then fully devote ourselves to the news media industry after the operation is mature. Will a pair of individuals do their own news media? The standard answer is: Of course they can use many online platforms to manage their work accounts and officially release the article, audio or photos. It can manage and work with N self-news media network platform accounts, and simultaneously supports the article, audio, micro-static, and full-screen parallel access to more than a dozen self-news media network platforms. Compared with traditional application operations, the more network platforms are delivered, the work efficiency is improved The higher it is, the efficiency of office equipment can be effectively improved, and the cost increase can be reduced. You can add several self-news media news title accounts under RongMeibao at one time, and after logging in several self-news media accounts one by one below, you can realize the unified login and management functions of multi-network platform accounts, and those who log in The front desk of the self-news media account can also be checked in full screen, such as downloads, fans, income, etc. data can be checked in full screen, which can save them a lot of days. Although project team cooperation is very important, but many times if they don't do their work well, but trouble others, this is a lot of impatience. Using this good tool may save them a lot of days. Let them have more energy to do other things, such as the full-screen official release, saving them not only half but three-quarters of the original number of days.

Will self-media do it for individuals (self-media refers to what kind of organization work, can a pair of individuals do self-media?) This is also okay? ,

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