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depends how to change PangYa from PangYa House (Portable "PangYaDelight" was officially launched in February and was reborn with the Turbo exchange system) Is this all right? ,

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On January 28th yesterday, Po English completely free manga, unofficially released the new generation of intelligence department of "Po HOME" said the relevant functions, and officially announced the shelves in February, together Take a look at the notes. What is Po HOME? The tip has also been mentioned in the future: Let most Pokémon be distributed to the same network platform, the client service project Pokémon HOME "Pokémon HOME", related to Nintendo 3DS "Pokémon Bank", "Devil Pokémon Lets GO! Po / Lets GO! Yuwen", "Pokemon GO" and the new generation of "Pokemon GO" and the new generation of "Pokemon Dou Wan Wang Debut Creator Sword / Po Shield", can cross the control of the hardware, deposit and apply for "Pokemon Baos who have officially become partners in the "Treasures" series of products, or bring it back to related applications. In addition, it also fully supports iOS/Android operating systems to view Po on the HOME app, just connect your Nintendo Account account. How does Abao HOME charge items? Specifically, the "Abao HOME" application software browsing is Lannemezan, which is completely free to use and belongs to this basic version. In addition, you can also subscribe to the high-level group membership version, so that players can experience the pleasure of Abao HOME more quickly. High-level group Membership version is charged according to the number of days: monthly group membership costs 23 Hong Kong dollars (about 18 Hong Kong dollars); four-month group membership costs 38 Hong Kong dollars (about 30 Hong Kong dollars); annual group membership costs 123 Hong Kong dollars (about 96 Hong Kong dollars). The related functions of Po HOME have 4 identical forms of swapping Po in "Po HOME". G8 does not have GTS, and now it is reborn. Indeed, this exchange control system is very good, it is equivalent to an exchange in the world of Ah Bao. (Everyone who has played PC games knows what an exchange is.) For example, I deposited [Miao Frog Flower] that I don’t want, and then I input the [Water Arrow Turtle] that I want besides that. When someone wants: Miao Frog The person who spends money sees you, and then others exchange it with a turtle. (In this way, you will get the Water Arrow Turtle)  In addition to this, you can also search for other Po. And it is [A Bao in the National Illustrated Book] Type 2: Miracle Box If you store A Bao in the box, you can exchange with people in the world without knowing it, even if you don’t use "A Bao HOME" , deposits can also be automatically swapped. Type 3: Group exchange This function can create a group with a maximum of 20 people. Let the members who joined the group exchange Po. Since it is impossible to know in advance whose po will be swapped to in the group, you can enjoy the pleasure of random swapping. Type 4: Friend Swap If there are users added as friends in "Abao HOME" nearby, you can perform friend swap. You can use the "friend function" in "A Bao HOME" to add friends. It is equivalent to a 1-to-1 swap in the game, which needs no explanation. In addition to the transaction control system, there is another function on "A Bao HOME", which is the mysterious gift claim. I don't know how the unofficial DLC delivery demon will come out this time. A Bao HOME service project details "A Bao HOME" "There are some functional differences between the Nintendo Switch version and the smartphone version. Let us look forward to it together. . . . .

depends how to change PangYa from PangYa House (Portable

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